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DUI Defense Lawyer Deadwood, SD

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Finding the right DUI defense lawyer Deadwood, SD residents trust to help you with your DUI case can be hard to do if you do not know where to begin. When you are facing a DUI charge, you can greatly benefit from hiring a lawyer who knows how to handle such cases. The consequences of a DUI conviction should not be taken lightly, because it can include thousands of dollars in fines, suspension of your license, or lengthy jail time. It takes a lot of research to be able to determine what lawyer would be best for you. If you are charged with DU, schedule a consultation with a defense lawyer from an established and trusted firm like one at Clayborne, Loose and Sabers LLP that numerous clients trust. 

Basic DUI Facts to Know

Impaired driving is a serious offense. DUI laws differ across states, so make sure to carefully review the DUI laws in your state so that you can find out how they affect your unique case. You can seek help from a lawyer who works on DUI cases and they will provide legal assistance so that you can have a strong defense. 

In South Dakota, if tests show that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is more than 0.08, you can be charged with DUI. Even if a law enforcement officer suspects you of being under the influence, whether you are actually driving or not, you can still be charged. As a qualified and experienced Deadwood DUI defense lawyer can tell you more about, the penalties for DUI become more severe after your first offense.  

Ways a DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help You 

You can get various criminal defense services when you hire a qualified and experienced lawyer. They can explain what your rights are and what options you have. You can get a full case assessment so that you can find out if you have a valid case, and if you do, a lawyer will be able to offer their services. They can assist you with determining your next steps so that you can protect your rights and build a strong defense. By looking for any flaws or weaknesses in your charge, they may even be able to reduce the severity of your charge, or get them dropped. 

Explore Your Criminal Defense Options

Act quickly before there is not enough time left to get the legal help that you need. If you are in need of criminal defense legal services, it is even more imperative that you get timely assistance. Many clients have had success with their case after reaching out to a lawyer for personalized legal assistance. When you hire a skilled lawyer, you are more likely to get the outcome you deserve. Don’t miss your chance to get the legal support that you need so that you do not have to face the worst consequences. Find out what personalized legal services a qualified Deadwood DUI defense lawyer at Clayborne, Loose and Sabers LLP can provide you by scheduling a consultation now. 

Understanding Available Options After A DUI

In the wake of a DUI, it’s critical to seek help from a DUI defense lawyer Deadwood, SD residents rely on for support. If convicted, the consequences of a DUI charge are significant, and it’s essential to take steps toward reducing the possible repercussions. Being pulled over under suspicion of drinking and driving can be incredibly stressful, and it’s helpful to know what to expect from the process from the start. However, in the wake of a DUI charge, those facing consequences will need to take immediate action. For many, the most problematic aspect of a potential conviction is the possibility of losing the ability to operate a vehicle. Most of the time, those convicted will receive a license suspension, even if they are first-time offenders. The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP have the skills needed to help fight DUI charges in efforts to have them mitigated or dismissed entirely. 

The Traffic Stop

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol, chances are they didn’t intend to overconsume. While there are many reasons a person may choose to drive, there is nothing worse than seeing the flashing blue lights behind them as they get pulled over. If this happens, the driver must pull over and comply with law enforcement to avoid further charges. At the stop, police will ask for basic information such as license, insurance, and registration. In addition, a Deadwood DUI defense lawyer will share that during the traffic stop, the police will immediately begin to look for signs of whether the driver is intoxicated by paying attention to smell, mannerisms, and speech. If they suspect intoxication, they may request that the driver engage in a breathalyzer and will likely administer a series of field sobriety tests. If the officer believes intoxication, they may read the Miranda Rights and arrest the driver. 

Taking Action After a DUI Charge

Upon arrest, the driver will be taken to the police station and likely spend the night in jail. In most situations, they can expect to go before a judge the following day. While this can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-provoking, staying as calm as possible is essential while also avoiding sharing information until a lawyer has been contacted. A lawyer can provide several advantages, including:

  • Assisting with strategizing the case
  • Educating clients regarding the legal process
  • Listening to the needs of their clients and helping to deliver results
  • Saving money by reducing consequences
  • Having the necessary experience to navigate the legal system

While many may believe they can obtain similar outcomes when representing themselves, this is not often the case. Often many will think that they can fight their DUI charges pro se and save money in the process. However, often by investing in services provided by a legal professional, those facing charges will often save money by reducing the potential consequences the driver is facing.

Retaining Driving Privileges

Perhaps one of the drivers’ most significant concerns is the possibility that they may lose their ability to operate a motor vehicle for some time. Most people want assurances that they will be able to retain their license regardless of a DUI conviction. To stop the license suspension process, drivers must request a hearing from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Common Misconceptions About DUI Charges

As a Deadwood, SD DUI defense lawyer can confirm, a DUI is one of the most common committed crimes in the U.S. However, there are still many misunderstandings about this type of charge. Here are the most common misconceptions about DUI charges.

  • A DUI isn’t a big deal. Some people may assume that a DUI is nothing more than a regular traffic ticket. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A DUI isn’t a minor offense and can carry heavy consequences, like fines and jail time. It’s important to understand that a DUI is a criminal offense that needs to be taken seriously.
  • My blood alcohol content can’t be challenged. If your blood alcohol content is above the legal limit, you may think that you can’t challenge this. However, this isn’t the case. Breathalyzer machines don’t always produce accurate results due to faulty equipment or human error. A lawyer can help you determine if you can challenge your results or not.
  • I can’t go to jail for my first DUI. In many cases, you can avoid jail time for a first-time DUI. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if someone got injured or killed while you were driving drunk, you may face jail time.
  • I don’t need a lawyer for a DUI charge. As mentioned earlier, a DUI isn’t a minor offense. That’s why it’s critical to have an experienced Deadwood DUI defense lawyer on your side. He or she can help you come up with the best possible defense and protect your legal rights. If you work with a skilled lawyer, you have a higher chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case.
  • I can only be charged with a DUI if my blood alcohol content is above .08%. This is another common myth about DUI charges. Even if your blood alcohol content is below .08%, you can still get arrested for a DUI. If the police officer observes you acting drunk, such as slurring your words or driving erratically, he or she may arrest you.
  • I can only get charged with a DUI if I’m driving. Believe it or not, this isn’t true either. You actually don’t have to be driving your vehicle to get charged with a DUI. For example, if you’re parked on the side of the road and a police officer observes you acting drunk, he or she could arrest you.
  • Drinking coffee can sober you up. Some people may drink a cup of coffee after drinking alcohol, thinking it will sober them up. However, caffeine doesn’t actually sober you up. It just makes you feel more alert. Only time can sober you up.
  • Only alcoholics get charged with DUI’s. A person doesn’t have to have a drinking problem to get charged with a DUI. If your blood alcohol content is above the legal limit and you get behind the wheel of a car, you can get charged with a DUI.

Because of this process’s complicated nature, drivers must immediately speak with a Deadwood DUI defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP to determine the proper action to be taken. 




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