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A Business Litigation & Transactions Attorneys in Rapid City, SD from Clayborne, Loos and Sabers, LLP knows how much a business can suffer when met with a dispute, litigation, or other issue. To reduce the likelihood of disagreements with employees, clients, and competitors, it’s imperative that you have good communication. It’s always worth the time to clearly define and clarify expectations, and make a habit out of doing so. Other communication tips your lawyer may give you include:

  • Be honest with what you can deliver, and do not over promise.
  • If you are unable to keep your promise for whatever reason, it’s better to let the other person know immediately by offering a plan on how you wish to resolve the problem. 
  • Be proactive by having necessary but difficult conversations. Issues that go avoided are more likely to escalate into a worse problem. 
  • Consider how your approach or tone may be absorbed. A text or email can make it more difficult to convey the tone or message you meant to portray. 
  • Continually evaluate and enforce communication best practices for yourself and employees. 

Document the Agreement

All of your important conversations and commitments should be turned into an official document and signed by every party in the agreement. Keep emails organized, and a reliable filing system. If verbal agreements are made, they must be written as soon as possible. We recommend having our Rapid City, SD Business Litigation & Transactions Attorneys review and draft deal contracts, employee handbooks, settlement agreements, sexual harassment policies, document retention policies, and non-compete agreements.

Review Insurance Policies

Insurance is often a least favorite topic, but equally vital, component of every business. Confirm that your policies are accurate and appropriate for your business, and investigate options with various brokers. Decide if the insurance company you have is industry specific to you and prioritizes your business needs. Understand the duties you have to your insurance company, such as cooperating fully with investigations, providing documents and notice requirements. Do not settle until you have first gotten your lawyer and insurance company involved in the issue. 

Update Business Formation

Business owners may be surprised to hear that their business structure is not suitable for their kind of work. To reduce liability, you must have counsel decide the best corporate entity for your business. Furthermore, you may want to keep minutes, annual reports, corporate records if your business formation necessitates it. Be sure to abide by formalities to ensure protection against personal liability. 

To have a seasoned lawyer help you with your business needs or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us today. A South Dakota Business Litigation & Transactions Attorneys in Rapid City at Clayborne, Loos and Sabers, LLP is ready to assist you now. 




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