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Brain Injury Lawyer Rapid City, SD

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If you suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, a brain injury lawyer Rapid City, SD residents trust may be able to help. Whether you sustained your brain injury in a car accident or slip and fall accident, you deserve compensation.

What Constitutes a Brain Injury?

In general, brain injuries are a result of trauma to the head by an external force or blow. A pierced skull does not necessarily have to result in brain damage; however, when it does, the injury is often more severe. A brain injury can result in cognitive impairment, hindered brain function, permanent loss of brain cells, bleeding on the brain, severe bruising, and death. 

As a brain injury lawyer in Rapid City, SD, we have handled a large number of cases that have been a result of:

  • Falls
  • Being struck by an object
  • A motor vehicle accident
  • Assault
  • Other / Miscellaneous

Treating a Brain Injury

Regardless of the type of brain injury you have sustained, please get immediate medical treatment. Doctors can perform scans to determine the extent of the injury and what treatment is needed. Your blood and oxygen levels will be monitored, as well as other body functions. Depending on the nature of the injury, you may be referred to a specialist for continued medical care. 

Do I Have a Case?

If someone acted negligently, recklessly, carelessly, or maliciously, it is safe to assume you have a case. You should confirm this with a brain injury lawyer in Rapid City, SD as certain factors will need to be reviewed. The key will be that someone acted in a negligent manner, and their actions, or lack of, was a direct contributor to the injury. In the event your own actions are more to blame, contributory negligence could bar you from receiving compensation. In general, you will need to be more than 50% at-fault. 

What Laws Can Help Me to Recover Compensation?

In general, the laws that protect your injury will fall under the category of negligence. Within this category are laws that discuss a failure to take reasonable action to adhere to their duty of care, or to the safety of others. A Rapid City, SD brain injury lawyer can review your case and help you to understand the applicable laws. 

What is My Brain Injury Case Worth?

After an injury caused by negligence, you may qualify for various kinds of compensation. These include economic (i.e. medical bills and lost wages) and non-economic (pain, suffering, loss of consortium, etc.) damages. The value of your case will largely depend on the circumstances of what happened, the extent of your injuries, and your total losses. Other factors, such as whether the defendant acted maliciously, might also be considered. Only a lawyer can provide you with an estimate of the value of your case. 

Are There Time Limits?

You have a limited time to file a claim for your brain injury. Typically, this is two years from the date of injury, or the date an injury was discovered. Children tend to have until their 18th or 21st birthday to file a claim, depending on the state. We would encourage you to review the current statute of limitations with a brain injury lawyer in Rapid City, South Dakota. 

Why Hire a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Mild Brain Injuries Can Impact Your Life

When doctors categorize brain injuries, they focus on assessing whether or not you require immediate surgery or life-saving treatments. If you don’t need any of these treatments, your brain injury may be considered mild. However, much of the damage caused by brain injuries can’t be seen on imaging scans. You may still experience serious symptoms throughout your life, like headaches, blurred vision, balance issues, fatigue, and depression. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled lawyer on your side. He or she will negotiate with the insurance company and argue that your injury may still cause long-term complications.

It Can Be Difficult to Establish Damages

When you sustain a brain injury, you may experience a wide range of symptoms, like cognitive difficulties or balance issues. However, it can be tricky to determine the monetary value of these symptoms. An experienced brain injury lawyer in Rapid City, SD will estimate the value of your claim by looking into the circumstances surrounding your injury and losses. He or she should be able to figure out how much compensation you’re entitled to for your medical bills, lost wages, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

Brain Injury Lawsuits Require Medical Expert Testimony

In order to get the compensation you truly deserve for your brain injury, you will likely need medical experts to testify on your behalf. A skilled lawyer works with a diverse team of medical experts and can help identify the right experts for your claim.

The Insurance Company Will Be Less Likely to Take Advantage of You

Even if you have a valid claim, don’t expect the defendant’s insurance company to jump at the chance to give you a fair settlement. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and may do anything to get out of paying you what you deserve. That’s another reason it’s critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side. He or she will know the true value of your claim and won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. Your lawyer will fight hard to get you fair compensation.

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