Driving With Your Hazard Lights

Car Accident Lawyer

Laws vary from state to state but many people may not know that it is illegal to use your hazard on your car in several situations. There are specific reasons for hazard lights that you may not be aware of, but they serve a special purpose and it is best that you know the purpose they serve. In several states it is illegal to use your hazard lights while your car is in motion. This may come as a surprise to some because we have all seen cars utilize their hazard lights in harsh weather, such as rain to alert cars behind that there is a car in front; or, you may have even seen a slow driving car with their hazard lights on as they haul furniture in the back end. This has become common on the road but it is against the law in some states according to a car accident lawyer from our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch.

The intended purpose of hazard lights is to alert emergency vehicles such as paramedics, the fire department and police officers, of a danger; very similar to a “S.O.S”. In threatening or dangerous situations, drivers are meant to use hazard lights so that when authorities are contacted, they are easily located; or at least easier to locate. In the event that a call cannot be made for whatever reason, such as not having a phone, if a cop or first responder is in the area and sees a car with their hazard lights on, this helps them recognize that someone needs help. When hazard lights are used for any purpose, it is like crying wolf and some people are cited, or overlooked.

It is important to use your hazard lights because of their intended purpose, but it is also important not to use them while driving because in the wrong conditions, drivers may think that your car is stopped and this can cause traffic to slow down and possibly cause accidents. When you are in need of help, it is wise to get over as soon as possible and use your hazard lights at that time.  If you can’t make it off of the road and into a safe place at all, that is the best option.

There are many precautions to take on the road and understanding the purpose of hazard lights on the road can save several people unnecessary legal trouble. For example, instead of hazard lights use the designated color like a red flag tied to a piece of furniture hanging out of our vehicle. If you happen to be someone who used their hazard lights for their intended purpose and sustained an injury on the side of the road you need to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible as you may be entitled to compensation. Even if you were injured in an automobile accident related to someone’s incorrect use of hazard lights, speak with a skilled attorney in your area, there may be help for you as well.