How Proposing A Prenup Can Be Romantic

How Proposing A Prenup Can Be Romantic

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

When you think of a prenuptial agreement, you probably don’t imagine it being a very romantic conversation. However, if you look at it through a different lens, you will see that it actually can be a great way to show you truly care about your future together. When getting married, there will be plenty of things you have to do, from obtaining a marriage license to choosing color palettes, and the song for your first dance. Talking about your finances is another task to add to your to-do list. As a prenuptial agreement lawyer explains, money is one of the leading causes of tension in relationships, so smoothing that out before entering matrimony is actually a quite romantic thing to do!

Those who come from money in the family may be more comfortable with approaching their partner about finances, but the truth is that prenuptial agreements do not just safeguard the assets of those with tons of money in the bank. These agreements outline what will happen to your finances in the future together. Those who are self-employed or have stock options that could be particularly valuable in the future, and those marrying into substantial debt, can both benefit from a prenup.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, a prenuptial agreement gives the couple an opportunity to put their plans into writing and effectively feel more in control of their lives. When you get married, there are certain laws for the state in which you reside that will automatically come into effect upon marriage, and divorce. With a prenup, you are overseeing your own marriage and what you want that to look like, instead of the government. Additionally, a prenup can help reduce the costs of divorce, since the terms of your marriage have already been officially laid out in the document. All in all, you are entering your marriage on the same page and with a realistic mindset at the same time, which is ideal for two people who are joining their lives together in one. 

The conversation of drafting a prenuptial agreement before marriage doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety and worry about upsetting the other person. Sometimes we have to see things from a different point of view, and realize that it can be used to benefit us in a way we hadn’t imagined before. It may feel odd at first to plan for what would happen if your life with someone doesn’t work out, but the exchange is that you gain more sense of autonomy and won’t have as many arguments about finances later because you have discussed them already.

If you need help getting started on a prenup, consider receiving guidance from a prenuptial law firm, such as the team at Carpenter & Lewis PLLC. They can ensure that both you and your future spouse’s preferences with finances will be implemented into your marriage. Afte reading the information provided above, hopefully you now see how proposing a prenup can be romantic after all, since it’s essentially the future of your love together that you are planning for.