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Car Accident Lawyer South Dakota

What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

South Dakota Car Accident Lawyer - Car crash and lawMillions of people are on the road every day driving cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. So it is no surprise that accidents happen all the time. If you were involved in a car accident, you may need help making decisions in what can be a complicated process. If you have questions about whether you have a case you should speak with a South Dakota car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP. You can call and set up a free consultation today with our skilled and compassionate staff. If you are in a car accident, you should do the following:

Move to a Safe Space | The first thing you should do if you are in a car accident is move to a safe location. If you can, move your car off the road so it is out of the way as well as any pieces of wreckage. You should also encourage the other people involved in the car accident to do the same. 

Call Emergency Services | The next thing you should do is assess the scene. If there is any damage involved, you  may want to consider calling the police who can document what happened. If anyone is hurt or if liquids have leaked from the vehicles you may also want to request an ambulance or fire truck. The dispatcher will help you determine what is needed. Be sure to describe the scene as accurately as possible. 

Document the Scene | If you have the ability, take lots of pictures and even video of the scene. The police should thoroughly document the scene, but sometimes they miss things and your photos may be key in supporting your case. You can also gather the names and contact information of witnesses present at the scene, but do not try to interview them. This can be seen as trying to tamper with the witnesses. 

Receive Medical Attention | At the very least, you should be evaluated by a medical provider if you are even slightly injured. That way if your minor injury becomes more problematic later on, you have documentation linking it to the scene. However, not all injuries are immediately apparent. You may have adrenaline coursing through your body at the time, which can mask injuries. If you find you are injured following the accident, go to see a doctor as soon as possible so your injury can be documented and you can start receiving the care you need. 

Cooperate with the Police | The police are tasked with documenting the scene and making a determination with the cause of the accident. You should answer their questions, but do not admit to any fault in the accident. This can be used against you in the insurance claims process later or even in court. 

Call a Lawyer | If you are concerned about your case at all, you should speak with a South Dakota personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They will evaluate your situation and start helping you with the insurance companies.  Call The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP to schedule an appointment with our staff who will fight for your every step of the way.