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Medical Bills in a Personal Injury Case

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Medical Bills in a Personal Injury Case

When you’re injured in an accident, it often takes a while, sometimes many years, before you are awarded the compensation you deserve. Your medical bills are going to come up and be due before that time, and that’s going to cause you some stress. Unfortunately, those unpaid bills could end up affecting your credit if they don’t get paid on time and are sent to collections. What can you do to get them paid so your credit score doesn’t suffer?

Utilize Personal Health Insurance

If you have personal health insurance, don’t be afraid to utilize it when you need medical care. Even if you’re waiting for money from a personal injury settlement, your health insurer could possibly help you pay for your bills. In most cases, the insurer will place a lien on the settlement so compensation is made, but you won’t end up in collections because you can’t afford the bills on your own.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Some people apply for small personal loans to pay for medical bills while they await the settlement of their case. You can often find a loan option with a low rate, and once you have your settlement money, you can pay off the loan in full. If you don’t qualify for a loan, see if a loved one or a friend would be willing to cosign with you.

Utilize Auto Insurance

If your accident involved a vehicle, you could be able to utilize your auto insurance coverage to help pay for medical bills. For example, if you’re involved in an accident in which the at-fault driver didn’t have proper insurance coverage, your uninsured motorist coverage could step in to cover the costs. This could also apply if you were riding a bike and were hit by a motorist. A personal injury lawyer can go into more details with you regarding insurance and your options.

Request a Payment Plan

Some medical providers will be willing to set you up on a payment plan. You might have 12 months to get your bills paid without interest, or you might be able to pay for it at a discount with cash. Each provider is going to have different protocols, and even if you aren’t offered a payment plan, it couldn’t hurt to request it.

Call Your Lawyer for Assistance Today

If you were recently in an accident that caused injuries, you might be scrambling for a way to pay your medical bills. You probably have a settlement coming but need assistance in the meantime.