Responding Productively Post-Accident - rear end crash

Responding Productively Post-Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

After directly being involved in a car accident, there are vital steps you must take as the victim to potentially receive the compensation you deserve. 

An experienced car accident lawyer explains that directly after the accident, you should never leave the scene. No matter the extent of the damage or severity of the injuries, fleeing the scene can be considered a hit-and-run, and can be a criminal offense. Calling the police and giving a formal report is crucial to potentially collecting damages for your injuries. You additionally may face penalties for failure to inform the police about the accident. 

Once calling the police, be sure you answer all questions asked by the officers, stick to the facts of what happening during the accident, ask and write down the name and badge numbers of all officers you engaged with during the report, and request a copy of the police report so that you can immediately send it to your insurance service provider. 

Additionally, photographing all damages, records, identification, and other important information will all be helpful during the claims process. These documents should include the name, address, telephone number, and license plate numbers of anyone involved in the accident, as well as names and contact details of passengers or witnesses who watched the incident occur. This information can also be taken directly to your insurance company to file a claim. 

An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with this process and can give you the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

The Importance of Witnesses and Legal Representation

Witnesses are critical to an automotive accident case, as they can provide testimony during a deposition which can ultimately give credibility to your recollection of events. While comparative negligence laws do play a part in car accident litigation, having an experienced attorney who can assist you with giving legal advice, protecting you from potentially taking blame for the accident, potentially get you more compensation, and representing you if the case cannot be settled will make this process the clearest and simplest possible for the client. Due to the nature of car accident cases, hiring an attorney as quickly as possible after the accident is in your best interest. Your attorney will also assist you with evidence collection and processing, as well as inform you of the statute of limitations in regard to your accident, which varies from state to state. 

A priority within litigation is contacting and visiting a doctor so that you may be informed of the full extent of the injuries your body incurred due to the accident. Many injuries may not be immediately apparent, and any internal injuries should be documented and treated immediately so as not sustain even further damage due to lack of treatment. All documents can be submitted with your claim against the other driver. 

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another in an automobile accident, a personal injury attorney can advise you on the complexities of the law and provide you with proper representation. 

Thanks to Eglet Adams for their insight on car accidents and the steps to follow immediately after a collision.